Honda engines to power your products

 Honda has always been a market leader in producing quality, innovative and environmentally friendly products. As the world’s largest and most trusted engine maker; with over 60 manufacturing facilities across the globe, more people put their trust in Honda to power their products, whether it be for land, sea or air.

Honda has a range of 4 stroke internal combustion engines for all applications, with horizontal shaft ranges including the GP domestic range, GX mini range for handheld equipment, GX commercial range and the iGX big series for serious power. There's also GXV and GCV vertical shaft ranges, ideal for powering lawnmowers and similar products. Get your equipment the best power source, with a Honda engine. 


Horizontal SHAFT engine range

gx mid series

gx big series & IGX BIG SERIES

vertical shaft engine range

gcv series

have questions about Honda engines? Try our FAQs

Why does my engine start and then shut down?

Many Honda engines feature an oil alert. If oil level is low an engine will shut down to protect the motor. Check the oil when this happens. Also check that the vent is open on the fuel tank if you own a generator with a vent.

Can I run my Honda engine on LPG?

Specific gas engines are available from Honda. Contact your Honda engine Dealer for details.

How do I identify my Honda engine?

Every Honda engine has a four or five numeral and seven-digit serial number stamped into the block. There may also be an engine type stamped into the block eg: QXE - this identifies the specific type.

 More Questions? Talk to your local Honda Power Equipment dealer.