WX15 Portable Pump

Small Size. Big Performance.


WX15 Portable Pump


Portable & versatile, the WX15 is able to handle large volumes of clean water, making it ideal for irrigation, drainage, general purpose cleaning and many other applications.

It features an economical 1.5" volume pump, with a maximum suction head of 8m and a maximum total head of 40m. It delivers 280 litres of water per minute, ensuring that however you choose to use it, the WX15 will offer you great pressure at a very reasonable price.

Optional model with Buna seals available for pumping diesel.


Like most Honda  Power Equipment products, the WX15 starts 'first time every time' with Honda's one pull, easy start system. It's powered by Honda's gutsy GXH50 4-Stroke OHV engine and runs on unleaded fuel, so you'll never have to mix oil and petrol again.

All this makes the WX15 a hassle-free, environmentally-friendly volume pump with low emissions, less noise than the competition and low fuel consumption.

  • Convenient - Lightweight, compact and easy to use
  • Portable - Standard transport handle
  • No fuel mixing - Powerful GXH50 OHV Honda engine
  • Environmentally friendly - Low emissions and fuel consumption





WX15 1.5" Water Pump
Product Code WX15TU
Pump Type Centrifugal volume pump
Engine GXH50
Displacement (cc) 49.4
Fuel Type Unleaded
Oil Alert Yes
Total Head (m) 40
Suction Head (m) 8
Max Discharge Capacity 280 litres/min
Self Priming Time (at 5m) 120 sec
Fuel Consumption 0.91
Hose Band/Stainer Yes
Dimensions, Weights and Capacities
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.77 litres
Discharge Port Diameter (mm) 40
Suction Port Diameter (mm) 40
Length (mm) 355
Width (mm) 275
Height (mm) 375
Dry Weight (kg) 10

the honda advantage

no fuel mixing

easy start

fuel efficient & enviro friendly

quiet operation

4 Year Domestic Warranty

4 Year Domestic Warranty

Honda's leading range of power equipment comes with leading warranty periods. Our range of power equipment products carrying up to a 4 year domestic warranty*.

With regular servicing by a Honda authorised dealer, using only Honda Genuine Parts and Accessories, your Honda product will work hard around your home for many years. 

Find more details on Honda's warranties and the warranty schedule on our warranty page. 


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